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How to customize the wardrobe choose and buy
1、Up from select material choose and buy Custom sheet material mainly includes the cabinet put oneself in another's position of the chest、Sealing sideband、Bonded with glue and hardware:The environmental protection index of cabinet put oneself in another's position selecting main consideration plank,...
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Fuyang city xin into furniture co., LTD,Located on the side of beautiful small states west lake east the company was founded in2007In the main integral ambry、The wardrobe,Some, such as solid wood bathroom ark board type furniture。We constantly improve the technology in recent years,Introduction of advanced machinery and equipment invest a lot of resources,Products in all the towns have agents。Hefei has entered in products、Huainan、My blessings、Henan and other surrounding markets,Resolved30The employment of many problems。 Company general manager Hao Lei2015In February by involving states elected city outstanding home business; 2015Years12The second month in fuyang city of the poll...

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The whole wood furniture sales,Market demand is high

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